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Oral surgery
Fixed prothesis
 Bridges are fixed structures to the teeth by the doctor and that only he can remove. This solution stands out above all the comfort and aesthetics and resistance other strong arguments for the option.
There are two types of fixed prosthesis: crown and bridge. The crown is not more than a fixed artificial tooth treated on the structure of a natural tooth. With this solution you can preserve much destroyed teeth, very sturdy and with perfect aesthetic results.
The bridge is indicated for cases of absence of one or more teeth, determining if one or more artificial teeth to adjacent teeth, they also treated for this purpose. This technique stands out as the crown, security, resistance and aesthetic result.
Removable dentures are structures that replace missing teeth that can be
removed and put back in your mouth. removable Prosthodontics
Can be removable dentures: full or partial, depending on the number of teeth to replace.
Nowadays these prostheses are more comfortable than before and the most natural look, yet
They are difficult to habituation.
 Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry related to the study, prevention and treatment of problems of growth, development and maturation of the face, dental arches and bite, ie dental-facial disorders.
Removable and Fixed Devices
 There are several types of orthodontic appliances, including the braces and removable appliances. The ideal type of device for the correction of teeth depends on a careful evaluation of the orthodontist. Removable devices are best suited for small tooth movements and patient in the growth stage where we can take advantage of the growth of this patient, is called Functional Orthopedics, where the main objective is to change the bone growth of the face. Since the fixed system, consist of brackets bonded to teeth are best for patients where it requires a greater movement of the teeth prevents undesirable inclinations in view of the possibility of controlling three-dimensionally the tooth in these types of apparatus
 Dental bleaching is one of cosmetic treatment options and can be used alone or with other cosmetic procedures. Bleaching, in its various forms, is the most conservative treatment modality, to keep intact the healthy tooth structure. Thus, treatment alone can greatly change the appearance of teeth.
Pediatric Dental Medicine
Oral hygiene
Oral hygiene is the main factor salutogenic the oral cavity. Thus, almost all diseases that affect the oral cavity can see their progress hampered by the existence of a proper and effective hygiene.
The main function of oral hygiene is the removal of plaque from the tooth surface and should be started as a daily habit since the eruption of the first baby tooth.
Esthetic dentistry
 Field of dentistry that deals with cosmetic dentistry. In this area, diastema and discolored teeth can be fixed.
Repairs Prosthetics


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